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2023 KSSP Application

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Which country unilaterally declared independence in November 1965?

In game theory, which scenario is used to describe the event in which a rational agent would choose to cooperate rather than to defect, even though this would result in a suboptimal outcome for the individuals in the group?

How many countries voted against the UN General Assembly Resolution ES-11/1 on Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

Which form of government is dominant among African states?

The Supreme Court of Appeal is based in

Which political philosopher/economist argued in favour of a free market as a mechanism to define prices through offer and demand?

Which country hosts the SADC secretariat?

Which economic system did the Adenauer government introduce?

Which of the following is not a special tool-kit by SAIIA?

Which country got recently admitted into the East African Community?

The German federal parliament is commonly known as

Which country was the first elected female head of state (Ellen Johnson Sirleaf) from?

What is the name of the President of Ukraine?

In his publication "Clash of Civilizations," Samuel Huntington argues that …

Which national team won the African Cup of Nations in 2022?

The two economists Daron Acemoglu and James A Robinson argue that nations fail to grow if…

SAIIA's goal is to:

Which global power officially withdrew from the Paris Agreement on 04 November 2020?

Hans Morgenthau, John Mearsheimer and Kenneth Waltz are part of which school of thought in international relations theory?

What is the name of the current Chancellor of Germany?

In his article "Toward a Theory of Revolution", James C Davis developed the J-Curve. Based on his illustration, it can be stated that revolutions are more like to occur ...

Conflict in Mozambique is often associated with the discovery of which natural resource/s?

Which African countries did Anthony Blinken, the U.S Secretary of state visit during his recent tour?

Expropriation of the private sector is a component of which of the following political ideologies?

Which of the following African countries is not recognized as a sovereign state?

From a legal perspective , who elects the South African President?

Which assumption is correct?

In 1960, American economist Walt Whitman Rostow developed the Rostow Stages of Growth model. The model postulates that economic growth occurs in different basic stages of varying length. What are the different stages?

Which African country hosts the most foreign military bases?

Which statement is correct?

Which of the following is not one of SAIIA's programmes?

Which are the 3 Chapter 9 institutions in South Africa?

How has the number of people living in absolute poverty changed over the last 20 years?

What is the name of the newly elected president of Kenya?

I write what I like, is a compilation of writings from an anti-apartheid activist

Which year did South Africa receive independence?

What does KAS promote?

KAS is affiliated to ...

The following countries had successful coup d’état in the last 2 years?

National Orders are the highest awards that a country, through its President, bestows on its citizens and eminent foreign nationals. What is SA's highest order?

Who is the current president of Zambia?

Alastair Smith and Bruce Buenno de Mesquita made which of the following arguments in the 'Dictactorship Handbook'?

Who is the Minister of International Relations and Cooperation?

SAIIA's engagement programme with the youth is called:

Who is the current chairperson of the African Union?

The AfCFTA (African Continental Free Trade Area) is…

Which of the following organisations was founded on 16 June 2009?

Which European country and former colonial power agreed to pay Namibia €1.1bn over historical Herero-Nama genocide?

Which of the following statements is true?

The global average life expectancy is currently about

Which 3 African countries still serve as Sovereign monarchies in Africa?

The apartheid system in South Africa was ended through a series of bilateral and multi-party negotiations between 1990 and 1993. CODESA stands for?

The work of KAS is based on three underlying principles; what are those principles?

The abbreviation SAIIA stands for...

Which of the following are core values of classic conservatism?

What are the characteristics of a Federal Republic?

Which renewable energy resource is South Africa’s Department of Science and Innovation currently developing a roadmap and plans for an industrial cluster for?

SAIIA's publications are based in different categories, how many are there?

The National and Provincial Elections in South Africa takes place every

Which of the following is the core value of Classic Liberalism?

Who was Konrad Adenauer?

The statement "A comb is a foreign concept to Africa" in Thabo Mbeki's biography The Dream Deferred is attributed to which well known South African politician

In which country is the headquarter of the African Union?

From which European country did Angola achieve independence in 1975?

What is Politikon?

Which former United States President's visit of China in 1972 led to the resumption of US-China relations?

Which of the following President announced that the United States would recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and relocate its embassy from Tel Aviv?

Which African country was the first to gain independence?

What is the mandate of the Pan-African Parliament?

In 2009, in her first notable publication, which had been a worldwide success, African economist Dambisa Moyo argued that …

Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) is a right-wing political party in South Africa. Who is the current president of the IFP?

Centralism is the opposite of ?

The abbreviation KAS stands for

Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika was composed by

Which factor was mainly responsible for the mass killings in Rwanda and Burundi in the mid-1990s?

African National Congress secretary-general Ace Magashule and seven others were charged in the asbestos eradication tender scandal worth…

From which African country did France recently withdraw its troops after nearly 10 years of operation?

Which of the following is one of SAIIA's programmes?

Brexit refers to the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from?

Where is the KAS head office?

Why did Niccolò Macchiavelli's "The Prince" generate controversy?

The KAS PolDiSSA programme operates in which region?

In which of the listed systems it is relatively easier to end the term of the President?

How many Programmes, offices, and Initiatives does KAS run in Sub Saharan Africa?

Which one of the following announced the downgrading of South Africa's sovereign credit rating in March 2020?

Who coined the term rainbow nation?

SAIIA's head office is based on the following campus

In which year was the KAS-SAIIA Scholarship Programme established?

Which International Relations theory posits that the world order is organised in hierarchy, with a dominant power at the top and conflict occur as a result of dissatisfaction of a rising power with the dominant power.

The Chairperson of the Judicial Service Commission is

What did Robert Putnam describe in his Logic of Two-Level Games?

In which years did South Africa's rugby team, the Springboks, win the Rugby World Cup?

Which were the first 3 economic policies adopted by South Africa post apartheid?

Ernst Haas, Robert Keohane, and Stephen Krasner support the school of thought in international relations theory?

Which solution does Paul Collier not recommend in his publication "The Bottom Billion" to help poor countries out of poverty?

The vast majority of the global population lives in:

What is the purpose of the Public Finance Management Act?

The National Assembly is composed of how many seats?

According to Statistics SA (Stats SA), South Africa's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) expanded by what percentage in the first quarter of 2022?

During the 2022 EU-AU Summit, an Africa-Europe Investment package aiming to support the common ambition for 2030 and AU Agenda 2063 was announced. What is the approximate monetary figure of this package?

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