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About Us

What is The Midpoint?

The Midpoint is much more than just an online event. The Midpoint offers substantive, concentrated, knowledgeable introductions to topics, based on an expert-authored study to simplify said topic for the viewer. Access the study from The Midpoint website together with more research papers, media reports and other useful information.

The Midpoint delivers trusted information. Participants can engage with materials and source materials of publications and also dialogue with experts and influencers in various fields. Contributors and speakers are drawn from across the spectrum of academia, politics, civil society and business.

Benefit 1

A one-stop shop on fundamental topics shaping SA’s society for the public, the media and civil society.

Benefit 2

Original written long-form analysis on topics of interest.

Benefit 3

Multiple opportunities for the audience to engage with the speakers, as well as the original content.

Benefit 4

All materials are easy-to access and provided free of charge.

“South Africans need access to informed, balanced opinions on issues that impact their lives; that is the purpose of, and motivation for, The Midpoint.”

Henning Suhr, Resident Representative – South Africa, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung


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