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"Ethical leadership by business, government and faith communities to end child hunger"

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    • Ethical Leadership in Conflict

      Ethical Leadership in Conflict

      14 September 2022

      South Africa has historically positioned itself as a neutral party in the face of conflict, a champion of peace and consensus building, working to facilitate constructive engagement in conflict situations. SA has again emphasised the importance of enabling dialogue between the warring parties in the Russia-Ukraine conflict. Despite this, concerns are being raised about the SA’s credibility in encouraging peace when the country has not effectively addressed violence and threats of violence. The July unrest in 2021 and ongoing attacks on foreign nationals are notable. What is the role of ethical leadership in the face of ongoing conflict? Join Nompumelelo...

    • Anti-Migrant Sentiment in South Africa

      Anti-Migrant Sentiment in South Africa

      28 July 2022

      On the 21st June Yeoville Market went up in flames in a suspected xenophobic attack. Since the xenophobic attacks of 2008 which claimed the lives of 62 people there have been sporadic attacks on foreigners and foreign owned shops in South Africa. Out of the 62 people who were killed in 2008,21 were South Africans though the attacks were motivated by xenophobia. Xenophobia does not only affect foreigners it affects society as a whole. The announcement by the Minister of Home Affairs to terminate the Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP) will put many permit holders in a compromising position. South Africa has...

    • State Capture under Parliament's watch: Wilful blindness?

      State Capture under Parliament's watch: Wilful blindness?

      6 July 2022

        Please join the Parliamentary Monitoring Group and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung as we host an expert panel to reflect on the implications of the Zondo Commission reports on Parliament. How correct is OUTA in stating that: that "Parliament is “ineffective, indecorous and symbolic”, its rules [...] inadequate [...]. Members of Parliament aided and abetted state capture looters"? A recording of this event is available by clicking on the following link: Our guests: Prof Hugh Corder (UCT Law) Dr Martin Nicol (Non-Partisan Researcher in Parliament 2014-2019) MP Cilliers Brink (Democratic Alliance Shadow Minister in Parliament) Ms Monique Doyle (PMG Head Researcher)...

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