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In the Throes of “the People”: The Populist Challenge to South African Courts

“The danger of populism, as we have seen, is that it pits ‘the people’ against independent, democratic and constitutional institutions to cultivate a negative public sentiment about them” (Dan Mafora)


Join the discussion of ‘In the Throes of “the People”: The Populist Challenge to South African Courts’. Dan Mafora, the author, will be joined by Sfiso Nxumalo and Chelsea Ramsden. The paper interrogates the populist attacks on the courts, considers the effects of such attacks and seeks to provide potential strategies for warding off those attacks and safeguarding the courts’ institutional integrity.

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Event Details

12 May 2022

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Past Event



Dan Mafora, CASAC
Chelsea Ramsden, Helen Suzman Foundation
Sfiso Nxumalo, Oxford University

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