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23-03 PRP 2023 May intake

 23-03 PRP 2023 May intake 

Thank you for your interest in this position at Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung South Africa.
In this stage of the application we would like to assess your general political knowledge and political perspectives, as working for KAS requires this as a baseline profile.
You do not need to prepare for this assessment. The assessment consists of 40 questions and has a 20min time limit.
In the first section, you will be asked 20 general political knowledge questions and offered three answers. Select the right one.

In the second section, you will be presented with 20 political statements. For each, select what your personal view is with regards to the statement: do you "Disagree", or are "Neutral", or "Agree".


The timer will start once you have pressed the button below and the page has loaded. The form will automatically close and save the answers 20 minutes thereafter.


You will then be sent an e-mail confirming your submission.

When you you are ready, please insert your first name and email address to begin:

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