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22-05 PRP Political Perspectives Quiz

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3. Traditional leaders should not hold privileged legal, economic or political power in South Africa.
4. There should be one single public health insurance fund for everyone and no separation between private and public healthcare.
5. It is more urgent for government to expropriate unused farm land without compensation than protecting property rights.
6. Parliament and the courts should be allowed to interfere in the president's affairs.
7. If a politician takes advantage of public office for the benefit of their immediate family members, it is not really corruption or nepotism.
8. Provinces and Municipalities should not be directed by National Government.
9. Wherever reasonable, South Africa should rather align its foreign policy with the USA than China.
10. In South Africa, the death penalty must remain illegal.
11. Children have to be vaccinated against contagious diseases, regardless of the parents' preferences.
12. It would be better if people had low paying jobs than social grants that offer the same amount of money.
13. The military should not be deployed within South Africa to fight crime and gangs.
14. All South Africans should receive an unconditional basic income grant every month.
15. People who are wealthy should be taxed on their wealth as well as their income.
16. The state should employ as many people as possible.
17. The state should own and run South African Airways (SAA).
18. Liberation movements like the ANC understand the people better than political parties.
19. If I don't like any political party, I won't go vote.
20. When members of parliament vote in parliament, their political conscience should be more important than party discipline.
21. The staff of every company should have the same race distribution as the country's population.
22. The South African Reserve Bank should maintain its independence from National Government.

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