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22-05 PRP Knowledge Quiz

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1. First name
2. Last name
3. What are the three branches of government?
4. Who is the SA Minister of Health?
5. Who is the SA Minister of Finance?
6. What are SA’s four largest political parties ranked in terms of parliamentary seats?
7. In which city is SA’s parliament?
8. Name South Africa’s five Presidents since the first democratic elections in 1994.
9. Who chairs the The Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Allegations of State Capture?
10. What is South Africa's current unemployment rate (expanded definition)?
11. Gayton McKenzie is a member of which political party?
12. In which year was South Africa’s last general election?
13. What part of the government's expenditure is growing the fastest?
14. What is South Africa's largest State-Owned Enterprise by assets?
15. Which of these lists contains the current and two preceding leaders of the Democratic Alliance?
16. Who elects the President in South Africa?
17. Name the current Premier of the Western Cape.
18. What is a coalition government?
19. Bantu Holomisa is member of which political party?
20. Konrad Adenauer was....
21. The Konrad Adenauer Foundation...
22. The mission of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation is...

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