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Guiding Principles

The role of the state is to provide the adequate framework for economic activity and social justice. State intervention is reduced to cases when the market cannot provide the common good. In past decades, the South African model of the developmental state failed to deliver growth and equal opportunities due to overwhelming or inefficient state intervention. The answer to this failure is not “no regulation”, but to set up the right framework for the market to meet the needs of the common good.

The principle of subsidiarity states that matters should be handled by the smallest, lowest or least centralised competent authority in order to limit central government, provide freedom and empower communities. Subsidiarity also creates and guarantees the space for individual responsibility and initiative.

Solidarity refers to the need and the possibility in society to take care of each other’s wellbeing on the basis of a common agreement. It ensures that the free market economy is continually legitimised by its orientation to the common good.


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